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Do you want to be successful and have your schedule fully booked?

Surely you already know that many people at this time are making a lot of money working as massage therapists, a market that only grows year after year.
And with a pinch of the Janaina lima method you will discover ultra powerful massage techniques and will really understand the power of your hands and how it will make you stand out and be very successful in this profession.
You deserve to be recognized in your region for your unique and specialized service even if you are starting from scratch, you can do it.

And I’m here to help you.

Let’s go together.

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01 - 02 June

Centurion Country Club

Janaína Lima

Take a look at these testimonials from some of my dear pupils from our Workshop.

What our clients are saying...

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What our clients are saying...

What is the Janaina Lima Method Workshop ?

First, let me tell you what this Workshop IS NOT!

The JANAINA LIMA METHOD Workshop is NOT a basic massage workshop that you can easily find, offering dozens of advantages and techniques but lacking depth in delivery.

The JANAINA LIMA METHOD Workshop is NOT the one that teaches methods neglecting the physical well-being of the patient in favor of aesthetic results. Humanization is the most precious value of this training.

The JANAINA LIMA METHOD Workshop is NOT the one you buy, receive a handful of basic information, and do not have a prepared professional to address your doubts or share experiences.

Who is this Workshop for?

For women who work in this area of business and want to update themselves and differentiate themselves to earn more.

For women who are starting from scratch and would like a profession that provides financial independence.               

For aesthetic and health professionals who want to improve themselves and learn a method that will take their profession to another level.

For women who would like to make a career transition, and want to reinvent themselves, with expressive results.

What will you learn.

If you want to be a well recognized and recommended professional, this workshop is for you. By knowing our Brazilian Massage Method, ” JANAINA LIMA METHOD” you will be able to achieve this.

After much study and practice I’ve created a safe technique and in this workshop you will get to know two techniques different than anything you’ve ever seen. Our Lymphatic Drainage and, the cherry on top of the cake, our 5 STAR MASSAGE.

Lymphatic Drainage, there are many people out there who perform the lymphatic drainage, but I can assure you that there is nothing like my method. In this method I’ll teach you all the positions and directions of the lymph nodes, I’ll explain how and where you should take the accumulated liquids of your clients to …

And, yet, you will learn another exclusive method that I’ve developed. The 5-star massage method uses five techniques from different methods to power up your results: it drains, reduces measures, relaxes, relieves pain and improves the bowel; all in the very first session.

Learning the Janaína Lima massage methods will change the way you do massage! 

Do you know why?

Because it is a method created with the purpose of giving your clients immediate results, with this you will have a waiting line!

Immediate results? What do you mean?

Let me explain! The results are:

  • Aesthetics: Those shocking before and after photos!
  • Intestine: A functioning intestine! You will receive messages of “thank you, my bowels funtion had improved after the JANAINA LIMA METHOD”.
  • Swelling: Your client will report that she feels lighter, that she’s urinating more often.
  • Mind: She will tell you she’s been sleeping better, she is less stressed, and with less pain!

After these results you will get the best of marketing: Word of mouth! Your client starts referring you and your schedule will fill up!

Come join our workshop and don’t let this opportunity pass you by, there are limited places! This is so that I can really give you all the attention you deserve, take you by the hand and teach you step by step our EXCLUSIVE METHOD OF BRAZILIAN MASSAGE “JANAINA LIMA METHOD”, I teach you the best in massage techniques so you’ll be a recognized professional with a busy schedule, achieving all your financial goals through massage.

Come along with me.


Lymphatic system


Lymphatic drainage


5 star massage

Who is Janaína Lima?

Nice to meet you, my name is Janaína and I’m a massage therapist, I’ve been working with massage since 2018 and I am completely passionate about the universe of manual therapy.
With a lot of love for my profession and commitment to my patients, I have created the 5-star massage method, based on my experience and studies in this field of work. A totally personalized method that has a unique and systemic look at each individual who lies on my stretcher.
After helping so many patients, I decided to help other massage therapists or beginners in this market with my method, and thus help them to have their own financial independence.

Still unsure and in doubt?

The opportunity to become a well recognized and paid professional is just a click away.

In order for this to happen, however, you need to make a decision and act accordingly.

It’s okay if you don’t act, if you don’t make the decision to learn a Brazilian massage method that really provides expressive results.

But you know that in life everything has a price and maybe by not acting you might be missing the opportunity to change your way of doing massage or even starting a new profession from scratch. Knowing the JANAINA LIMA MASSAGE METHOD: a Brazilian method built by Janaina during her trajectory, with intense study and dedication to bring you a method tested on many clients that really brings amazing results. A method that can take you to another level in the universe of manual massage.  That can make you a professional who is recognized for delivering results, a professional with a waiting line, a professional who is not concerned in fighting over clients and prices- a professional who charges a fair price for the results she delivers. In short, a professional who stands out and has financial independence working with massage.

Janaína Lima Method


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